Products sold through the Site are classified into two warranty categories:

EU-WARRANTY – 12- 24 months of "manufacturer warranty" (depending on the manufacturer) 

In the European Union, with an original invoice you are entitled to a two year service in an authorized service centre. In a case of improper functioning of the product or malfunction, the product is sent directly to the authorized service centre.

If an authorized service centre refuses to accept a product on service, the product will be sent back to you at your own expense.

SELLER WARRANTY – 24 months of free warranty provided by our web shop

Seller Warranty is warranty provided due to some limitations in warranty of manufacturer or others limitations. Warranty itself guarantees for all possible hardware failure, preventing basic operability within 24 months. Seller Warranty covers the same issues as EU warranty. MobileShop has a network of service centres in some countries (France and Slovenia). In case that there is no service centre provided in the customer’s country, the customer needs to contact our Customer Support at warranty@mobileshop.eu, and our agent will provide you all the necessary shipping details for the closest service centre. Shipping costs to service centre (one way) will be covered by the customer. Please, have in mind if you don't send within the deadline set for you by MobileShop support centre, you will lose the right to send the device to the service centre. 

For information regarding warranty and service after purchase, please contact our Customer Support, Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 02:30PM CET.


  • Replacements of accessories (batteries, headphones, charger, cables, CDs, memory cards etc.).
  • Damages and other consequences that can happen if the product is used inadequately and inappropriately. Clients are advised to take their time and read carefully the instructions for proper use of all products.
  • If products are stored improperly, and not according to manufacturer instructions.
  • Damages and other consequences that may come as a result of repairs or any other involvements from an unauthorized service centre.
  • Damages and other consequences resulting from external influences (such as all kind of accidents or natural disasters).
  • Damages of waterproof devices caused by submergence in salt or chlorinated water.
  • Mechanical damages, damages caused by vis major, damages caused by not taking relevant care of the goods
  • Damages which the customer was informed about before the delivery of the product
  • Damages caused by using the product in unsuitable conditions
  • Damages caused by water
  • Damages caused by using an non-official supplements to the product, damages caused by non-professional assembly

MobileShop is NOT liable in the case that the manufacturer or official service centre refuse to accept the warranty from any of the reasons stated above.

In the case of the warranty being declined, the manufacturer or services will make you an offer for the repair of the product. In the case that you refuse this offer; the manufacturer has the right to require its administrative expenses to be covered by you. In the case that you accept the offer; you are obligated to pay a total cost of the repair to the manufacturer.

In the case when EU warranty doesn’t cover repair service - your issue will be handled by seller warranty. You have to contact MobileShop customer support, and our support team will provide you all instructions where to send the product. After receiving the product, MobileShop will determine the condition of the product and offer you one of the following options:

  • Service: you will be forwarded to the closest service centre (official brand service, official MobileShop service or other).
  • Replacement: The same product that you ordered will be shipped to you at MobileShop expense.
  • Refund: you will be refunded excluding insurance costs.

Choosing one of the following options is the right of the MobileShop.


The customer may report the defect of the product in written form describing the defect. In the complaint protocol the customer shall provide his contact address, telephone number and e-mail address. If the product arrives in  a different condition than the one described in a reclamation process, MobileShop is not obligated to accept the product, and has the right to refuse it. MobileShop is not responsible for any inaccuracies provided by the customer in the reclamation and is not responsible for the impossibility of delivery the product to the customer in case of providing false or inaccurate address.

The customer is obliged to send all documents connected to the product together with the product. Until MobileShop does not have all documents the reclamation procedure is not started. If the customer fails to deliver the missing documents or missing parts of the product the reclamation will be considered to be unjustified.

If the product is intended to contain passwords, the customer is obliged to notify the appropriate passwords in reclamation, or remove them before the delivery of the product. If it does not, the date of starting reclamation procedure will be postponed until the day of delivery of access codes and passwords to the product. Note: If the product isn't sent back to us within the deadline set by MobileShop support centre, the customer loses the right to return the device to us. This applies to both types of warranty.

MobileShop is not responsible for damage to data and programs in the goods in case of reclamation. In this context, the customer is advised to make a backup copy of all data and programs of the product sent for reclamation.

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