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Is Huawei a new Samsung?, 01.12.2018

Huawei has been putting a lot of effort into its devices and the manufacturing process itself. Let’s see if the effort paid off.



Future of the smartphone industry - Blockchain based devices, 22.11.2018

Blockchain is the technology of the future. But how this future looks in the smartphone market? We will try to discover by using the example of HTC Exodus.



What makes Google Pixel 3 the best Android phone at the moment?, 31.10.2018

Rejoice, smartphone lovers! Your new Android king has arrived! Yes ー you read that right ー there is no other smartphone like Google Pixel 3 currently at the market. So, what makes the third version of Google Pixel so unique? For starters,



17 Ultimate Smartphone Accessories for Summer 2018, 27.07.2018

We’re sure you are equipped for the summer of 2018 with all the necessary beach accessories, but do you have all the smartphone accessories that you need?



Do you need Screen Protector for your Smartphone?, 02.07.2018

We have wondered how can we protect our smartphone display, so we decided to explore the screen protector market and try to find out if we really need it.

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