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Great smartphones of 2016, 24.08.2016

We're presenting great smartphones of 2016. We will let you know why these devices are so awesome and why you should get one of these great smartphones!



What are the best speakers smartphone can have?, 29.07.2016

With the expansion of social media, and video the best speakers smartphone can have became a must. So, which are absolutely the best? Let's find out!



What's new with WatchOS 2?, 07.10.2015

With WatchOS 2, Apple has implemented many improvements such as native apps, nightstand mode, better look, customization, performance and security and more.



What is 3D Touch?, 15.09.2015

3D Touch is quite cool. TechCrunch is calling it “the biggest mobile user experience innovation of the decade.” So, let’s find out more about this feature.


Best Gift For Valentine’s Day- Pink Smartphone!, 05.02.2015

Many of you might have had trouble finding a pink smartphone! Embrace yourself because we will present you the best pink devices on the planet- The best gift for Valentine’s Day!

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