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Apple AirPods – Reinventing Headphones

At the beginning of September Apple has organized prestigious Apple event where we first saw new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch improvements, new iOS 10 and of course the new AirPods. The reason why AirPods have been introduced is the big news – new iPhone generation doesn’t have the standard headphone jack.

AirPods are completely the same, but again entirely different from any other headphones on the market. Today we’ll see what exactly is the same and what is different and try to find out has Apple reinvented headphones.


Apple iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 plus

The size isn’t only big thing when comparing two new iPhones. Beside their obvious size difference, the new Apple’s duo has differences in many other parts. Ok, the first thing to notice is the giant 5.5-inch display on iPhone 6 Plus, which is first phablet made by Cupertino company. Also, the bigger is heavier and it cost more (approximately $100). But, is there any other spec differences Tim Cook and the rest of crew didn’t explained us at the iPhone 6 Event? Well, yes. So, let’s take a quick look on Apple iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6. (more…)

Apple launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

The rumors were true. Apple has announced two new iPhones. For the first time we have iPhone in different sizes. The new iPhone 6 has 4.7-inch screen, while the iPhone 6 Plus is respectively large device with 5.5-inch, and it comes as direct competitor to Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The “classic” iPhone is 6.9mm thin, and at the same time the Plus is 7.1mm. That’s a big progress having in mind iPhone 5S has 7.6mm in waist. The size isn’t the only difference about screens, because Plus owns high-res 1920×1080 pixels screen with 401ppi, while the iPhone 6 is rely on 326ppi from 1334×750 Retina display. (more…)

iPhone 6 release date

After the Samsung Galaxy S5 has showed its face, the most wanted goods on the market is certainly the new iPhone 6. The new generation of Apple’s smartphone is a long waited device. There is not even a single day without variety news about it. We can read about the iPhone 6 concepts, its screen capabilities, battery life, dimensions etc. We already know that the iPhone 6 is coming in two versions. The first brings 4.7-inch screen, while the larger is at 5.5-inches. These days we have heard the first concrete information about when the iPhone 6 is going into production. (more…)

iPhone jeans for safe iPhone

It’s been four years since the start up project from Zagreb, Croatia for iPhone friendly jeans saw the light of the day. The company called WTFJeans now offers to the world wide iPhone owners an improved version of this iPhone jeans. Like the original model, this iPhone jeans version is made of microfiber and has a pocket large enough to hold the iPhone. In fact, iPhone jeans have two pockets that are specially designed for Apple’s iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the new iPhone 5S. Interestingly, the pockets are also capable to clear the screen when the phone is placed in or pulled out. (more…)

Cheap iPhone 5C comes to Europe

Apple is ready to offer cheap iPhone 5C. The new version of the “affordable” iPhone is already coming to offer through the European network of tech stores. It’s an iPhone 5C with 8GB of internal memory. Cheap iPhone 5C already arrived in a big part of European market. For example in the UK cheap iPhone 5C costs £ 430, which is £ 40 less than the model with 16GB of storage. This device is expected in America, where this phone should costs about $499. (more…)

iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C is a phone that goes into history. The reason for this is that it’s the first budget iPhone. Apple has stubbornly refused for a long time to meet the demands of the market, but in the end the company agreed. iPhone 5C was announced along with the new iPhone 5S premium phone. This phone is for those who can not afford the iPhone 5S. iPhone 5C is a smartphone which can meet the characteristics of the current model iPhone 5S. Why is that? Because the “budget” iPhone is largely identical to the iPhone 5! iPhone 5C comes with the slogan “more fun, more colors”, as a result of offering iPhone 5C in several colors, which is really a precedent. (more…)

iPhone 5S features

Who has had the good luck to attend the event, which Apple organized a few days ago in California, was able to see two great things. The first is of course the new iPhone 5S and another one is the first cheap iPhone in the history. It is of course the iPhone 5C. Apple has for the first time in one place combined powerful 64-bit high-end device and phone that will be offered in the US with contract for 99 dollars. New iPhone 5S, as expected, got “S” because of the traditional naming schemes promoted by Apple. (more…)

Apple iPhone 5S Features and Review by TechYouNMe

The word on the road, even before Apple purchased biometric security firm AuthenTec, was that successive iPhone could have a fingerprint scanner. September 10th 2013 is the date when, in keeping with the sources, Apple goes to launch its next iPhone 5S. It is progressing to be one amongst the foremost anticipated school launch of the year, thus what’s progressing to be the new options of the new iPhone 5s.

Read below to search out what in keeping with the sources goes to be the new options of apple iPhone 5 S. (more…)

iPhone celebrates sixth birthday


iphoneSix years has past from the night when first iPhone was announced. It was 2007 and the expectations of media was astonishing. The new kind of phone from Apple was in the air and everybody wanted to see that device. That was a time when this glamorous phone was a real novitiate. The specs that original iPhone packed is, let’s be honest, funny comparing to specs that new line smartphones have today. Ok, that was seven years ago, and that’s just why is so interesting to compare that time iPhone with the latest smartphones and why not with the latest model from the collection – iPhone 5. (more…)

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