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Google Glasses sale delay

Everybody is saying something about Google Glasses. They became a global trend, no matter they aren’t available in sales yet. Of course, some privileged individuals already have the opportunity to use the features of this interesting device. With its futuristic epithet, Google Glasses introduce us to a new chapter of mobile devices. News that will disappoint many fans is the latest report which indicates that Google Glasses will not be available in sales until next year, regardless Google has already sent a beta version to developers. At that moment it seemed that we will get them during this year. (more…)

iPhone 6 concept

Do you love Apple, and perhaps its most famous product – the iPhone? I believe that you do, because it’s amazing how this company from California has managed to create a cult around this product. Some deny the quality of iPhone, while others are considering it as a divine. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. However, Apple and the iPhone have a cult status with millions of fans around the world. One of their main hobbies at the time is certainly prediction for the next version look of this smartphone. While the iPhone 5S is almost ready for production, fans are wondering how will the iPhone 6 look. One interesting vision is given by the designer Johnny Plaid, whose iPhone 6 concept alarmed internet. (more…)

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