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The Best of Motorola, so far

Motorola is a brand that produces robust-designed, quality smartphones and gadgets. With new trends always taking down the market, Motorola is up for the smartphone game. With so many lines – E, Z, X it is hard to tell which is the right for you. This is why we decided to clear out the mess and find out what that’s all about. We present you the best and the worst of Motorola smartphones, so far.


Moto X and Moto G are official and upgraded now

Motorola has announced the successors of its Moto X and Moto G. Both phones are coming with significant upgrades, and both are ready to take another epic market battle against competitors. The new company’s flagship is named Moto X once more and it brings 5.2-inch AMOLED display with 1920×1080 pixels. It means display has 423ppi. The phone is powered by quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 at 2.5GHz. The new X is running 4.4 KitKat OS. (more…)

Moto E is new Motorola’s bestseller

This is the new Motorola’s phone. The new Moto E is not going far from the actual models Moto G and Moto X. Moto E is officially released and it’s the first Motorola’s smartphone after Google sold the company to Lenovo. If some of you think that Moto E isn’t much different that Moto G, you should know it takes a lot of time to build a completely new smartphone. Lenovo has decided to keep things in this way, which is quite easier at this moment than to start a new and unpredictable way of creating a brand new smartphone. This is a new budget 4.3-inch smartphone with a with cute and chubby appearance. This is the direction that Motorola is going. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon on 1,2GHz, Moto E isn’t as fast as some demanding user might wanted, but it’s certainly a fresh model thanks to KitKat Android.


Motorola sold to Lenovo

Not so long ago Google took over Motorola. Entering the software giant in the area of hardware for many it was a sign that Motorola has stumbled on the road to recovery that was desperately needed. The company under the control of Google managed to introduce two new models, and it seems that the story ends there. In fact, Google has decided to sell the Motorola to Lenovo. The transaction is estimated at $ 2.91 billion! (more…)

Moto G specs

It was announced, and it happened. Motorola finally unveiled its new baby named Moto G, which should fill the gap in entry-level smartphones. But, beside that Moto G comes with a very solid performance for a price that is a sweet and easy music to our ears. Moto G will be selling at $ 179 ( for the 8GB version ) and at $ 199 for the 16GB version, without contract. It looks like Moto G is an affordable phone that does not require sacrifice of a truly smartphone experience. (more…)

Moto X review

moto x

moto xThe first impression after yesterday’s Motorola event is that Moto X is an amazing, but not revolutionary device. According to its name, Moto X is built in spirit of Google’s X program. This program is based more on big step improvements than on step by step logic. In the same time, Moto X is the first phone designed by Motorola as a part of Google empire. That is very important because Google has big plans with Motorola and wants to totally transform mobile communications. Moto X should be first step in that direction. (more…)

Droid MAXX first photo

Motorola Droid Maxx

In these days Motorola just like to be in the centre of the universe. Sometimes man can feel the need of this manufacturer to be alone and not to be disturbed by anyone. On contrary, sometimes Motorola hit the media’s attention. This is that moment. The reason is clear as the bright blue sky. Several days ago we were writing about new Motorola’s logo and, by the way, Motorola is working hard on new smartphone called Droid MAXX. But that’s not all, because we can expect more news from USA. Motorola has a new start and the whole new strategy.


Motorola has new logo

motorola new logo

motorola new logoWhat we have here? It looks like some kid was messing around Motorola’s logo. Usual that logo is like some strict and conservative sign of some company which doesn’t want to be evolved in mainstream trends in marketing and design. Motorola was, maybe still is, a conservative hardware supplier and this kind of change is strange… But, wait… All of these flashy colors are actually the results of Google’s property. Yep. Google paid the ownership over Motorola for more than a year. And that’s the main reason why this brand now has a new logo! (more…)

Motorola Defy+ full review

Motorola Defy+ is is younger brother of first generation Defy models. Defy models offered resistance to dust, water and scratches. Motorola Defy+ is released in September of 2011, and we’ll compare it to the older brother to see what’s new on the Motorola Defy+.


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