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LG G3 Boost LG’s Sales

LG G3 is a phone everybody is talking about. This desirable device is a truly commercial and brand success for LG. LG had several attempts to make a great smartphone in the past, but with no results. The things start changing with the lat ear’s LG G2. Nowadays LG has a big success in an Android category. The LG G3’s market breakthrough is more that obvious, because the latest news is pointing out G3’s selling is going very well. (more…)

Apple vs Samsung trial costs

You think you don’t do so much interesting stuff at work and you’re underpaid? Well you’re not alone. We all know that managers in big companies have a big, big paycheck, which we can only dream about, but what about the lawyers representing the companies? Yes, they have very expensive fees too. One of the biggest trials in the history of mobile phone manufacturers took place in Apple vs Samsung clash. The manufacturer from Cupertino sued the Koreans on several grounds. The judgment was passed and slowly the surface is filling with details of this historic process. You must be wondering how much Apple paid to get the case on court. We were curious too and here is the answer. Jobs’ company spent a whopping $ 60 million in an attempt to stop the main competitor to serve its patents and thereby deprive them of significant financial income. (more…)

iPhone 5 is the best selling smartphone

best selling smartphone

best selling smartphoneMan doesn’t need to be Einstein to know what are the best smartphones of this moment. Usually it’s enough to look some best paid ads on TV or internet to realize that. Or, on the other hand, you may ask what are the most expensive smartphones on the market and according to that to give the answer to this question. And what about the best selling smartphones? Is it the same case? Partially. Why? Because two devices has been seeting at the top of selling list for a while. One of the best selling smartphones is Samsung Galaxy S4 and the counterpart from the other side of Pacific is iPhone 5, of course. (more…)

It is absolutely undeniable that we are living in an era of smartphones. Despite their shortcomings, which are being polished over daily, smartphones have engrained themselves in most aspects of our lives, as the convenience they bring cannot be scoffed at even by the largest cynics. Seeing how allpervasive they are, we thought it might be a good idea to give you a bit of insight of what is currently going on with these devices, as well as some predictions on the direction in which they seem to be heading. (more…)

Samsung profit in 2013 Q1

samsung profit Big Samsung is a step closer to be even bigger. After the presentation of new flagship smartphone, Samsung had one more job to do. It has to calculate how much money it earned. According to still unconfirmed information, South Korean giant is ready to announce that its operating profit for the first quarter of 2013 is about 8.7 trillion won, or about 7.7 billion dollars. What that, except hudge amount of money, means? That means Samsung profit is increased for incredible 53% comparing the same period last year!


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