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It really took us by surprise when Sony revealed the successor of the Sony Xperia C3 known by the name of Xperia C4 without any warning. This phablet will come with two SIM cards as Sony Xperia C3 Dual SIM did and will run with the newest operative system, the Android 5.0 Lollipop. In this review we will talk about Sony’s prime phablet, which will definitely be loved by all the Selfie fanatics, the Sony Xperia C4: Price, release date and specs.


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Everyone who is using an Android smartphone or a phablet has one thing in common, a battery that dies very fast. Usually the battery of smartphones last barely a day, but we have a few examples where the battery runs more than one working day: Huawei Ascend Mate 7 (4100 mAh), Alcatel Hero (3400 mAh), Sony Xperia Z3 (3100 mAh), Xiaomi MI 4 and MI 3 (3080 mAh), LG G3 (3000 mAh), etc. The splendid news is that there are 5 key methods to keep your phone’s battery going on and on. It will take you just a few steps to have a strong Android device again.


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Some say that Samsung and HTC had been the centre of attention on the Mobile’s World Congress 2015 which took place in Barcelona, by presenting the new Galaxy S6 and One M9, but also they admit that the Congress was complete only after Sony presented a new member from their family- The Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet.

Sony Xperia Z4 water 1.png


This 10-inch tablet has definitely an impeccable design, it is water proof and it has some mighty performances that will nail everybody of its feet. Sony put the records straight. They wanted to make a better model than the Xperia Z2 Tablet was, and bearing in mind the impression that the prime Tablet Xperia S4 left we are pretty sure that it succeeded. (more…)

Xperia E3 is Sony’s most affordable Android phone yet

While we expect new Xperia Z3, Sony had more work to do. The Japanese manufacturer released its cheapest smartphone yet. If you are limited by the budget, the new Xperia E3 might be something you’re looking for. This Android KitKat phone bring stylish look of some more priced Xperias, but keeps in mind you don’t have much money to spend. Since this is still hot device, Sony hasn’t specified the price yet, but still it will be the lowest priced phone in Xperia’s history. The start of shipping hasn’t confirmed also, but according to Sony’s chair persons, the new Xperia E3 will be on sale later this year. (more…)

Sony Xperia Z3 Specs Leaked

Sony Xperia Z3 is a new flagship we’re waiting for. The market has been enriched with the aces like Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and the latest guy in the row LG G3. On the other side Sony still has Xperia Z2 as a best model to offer. But not for long. The rumors are circling the net. They are pointing out that new Xperia Z3 will be big and powerful smartphone, which should push up the throne battle. In the meanwhile the Xperia Z3’s photos have leaked, so we have a clue how the new Sony’s flagship will look like. (more…)

Sony Xperia C3 – the world’s best selfie smartphone

Sony introduced a few days ago a new smartphone for selfies and social media sharing. We know all the smartphones are quite suitable for social networking. If you want a selfie, you just need a front-facing camera, or even just a regular one. So, what’s Sony Xperia C3 brings what we haven’t seen until now? Sony in its press release said the phone uses PROselfie cam + ultimate social sharing experience. All of that is packed in mid-range price range. Let’s recap. The world has gone crazy about selfies, so the manufacturers are willing to make a special phone for that!? It seems so. (more…)

Xperia Z3 Specs Leaked

Sony can’t just sit and wait. They have to do something. The main competitors introduced new leading phones, so the Japanese manufacturer is ready to play with Xperia Z3, as well as a mini version that would be launched quite after its bigger brother. We’ve heard many words about a new powerful Sony, but almost nothing is known about its specs. It seems Sony is giving its best to keep the secret safe. It’s very important to introduce the phone as much fresh as possible, so nobody can really know what to expect from new flagship. (more…)

Sony Xperia T3 is a beautiful 7mm thick smartphone

If you’re a real style geek, you probably are in constant search for some more modern and progressive designed devices. Sony is probably the only manufacturer which is taking special care about devisees outfit. The Xperia smartphones are definitely the best looking, so we weren’t too much surprised when the Xperia T3 come out from the shade and showed its very thin body. With just 7mm in the waist, which is one of the best results today, the T3 is simply adorable. Of course, the Xperia T3 doesn’t hold the record in its hands. That glory goes to Gionee Elife S5.5 with unbelievable 5.55mm waistline. (more…)

Sony Xperia Z2 specs

It would be a shame if Sony didn’t have its ace for a big race with Samsung, Apple, HTC and some other manufacturers… Well now it has, and it’s called the Xperia Z2. After more than a year after the launch Xperia Z and the six months since the Xperia Z1 saw the light of day, Sony has decided to present its new leading smartphone. We expected great device from Sony and Xperia Z2 surely is that. It brings a lot already seen in the previous two models, but the Japanese giant brought some new technologies here, which fans of Sony devices will keep in belief that Sony is the best, even when the the smartphones are about. (more…)

Xperia Z2 release date

According to the first signs, the 2014 will be filled with treats when the innovations in the world of smart devices are about. The last year wasn’t bad at all, but this one could be even better. The range of technological innovations has expended, so we are ready to see what big players are preparing for us. Samsung is already preparing to launch a new Galaxy S5. On the other hand, Sony is close to exhibit a new smartphone, which, according to some information, should be Xperia Z2. If these rumors prove to be true, Xperia Z2 should make its debut at the World Mobile Congress in February. Initial information indicates that Xperia Z2 will be a real powerful premium phone with a superb specifications. Nothing less we could expect from big Sony. (more…)

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