17 Ultimate Smartphone Accessories for Summer 2018

We’re sure that you are well equipped for the summer of 2018 with all the necessary beach accessories, but do you have all the smartphone accessories that you need? To be honest, this is entirely uncharted territory for most of us, and we didn’t even know that some of these things listed in this article exist. We first find about them while doing the research for completely another blog post, and out of curiosity, we came with the list of ultimate smartphone accessories for the summer.

Here it is, enjoy!

1. Selfie Stick – you have probably heard of this one. It gained popularity a few years ago, and it is still widely used as quite a handy tool, especially for selfie lovers. When you decide to get one make sure it’s light, and that it has a right phone holder.

2. Magnetic charger – don’t let the name full you – this is not the charger that will fill your phone with magnetic energy, but a cable with the magnetic ending. The magnetic charging port will make sure to hold the cord secured to your phone during the charging process.

3. Portable charger – also known as an external battery, a portable charger is quite essential smartphone accessories, especially for people who are using their phones extensively. They can come in different shapes and sizes so they can meet most of your requirements.

4. Wireless charging pad – unfortunately, this smartphone accessory is reserved for the phones of the latest generation only. While the rest of us are waiting to get rid of cables, only a fortunate few can use the benefits of wireless chargers.

5. Car charger – speaking of chargers, we can’t miss mentioning car chargers. They are handy, tiny and essential for every smartphone user who commutes.

6. Bluetooth speakers – when you need more audio power, Bluetooth speakers are here to help. A quite wide range of products in this niche will enable you to choose precisely the smartphone sound system that you need.

7. Wireless headphones – another audio tool, this time for the ones who prefer to enjoy music on their own. Wireless headphone market got quite a boost with the release of iPhone 7, the first flagship phone without the headphone jack. Other manufacturers followed this trend, and nowadays it is quite common to get smartphones that require wireless headphones instead of regular ones.

8. Additional camera lenses – this is one of the smartphone accessories that got me surprised. While I believe that all you need is a quality camera on your phone, a vast number of people wanted more. This is why there is a wide range of additional camera lenses for smartphones only. It seems that you can use your phone in the same way as you use your camera and set it up with the whole set of lenses.

9. Bluetooth keyboard – since smartphones are taking the role of a computer it is logical to have such things at your disposal. And if you have a phablet, or tablet device, adding a Bluetooth keyboard will enable you to have a full workstation wherever you are, with no need to carry a laptop around.

10. Case – smartphone cases are such a developed market that we could probably write an article about them only. You can choose between different materials, shapes, and sizes, with or without a front cover, luxurious or straightforward. It is up to you and your personal preferences to choose the type of case that you want.

11. Screen protector – we have talked about screen protectors a few weeks back, and we have concluded that this smartphone accessory can be a lifesaver (or at least the display saver) in some cases. So, it can be quite useful to have it.

12. Cyclist mount – with all kinds of data and statistics that you can follow on your smartphone, cyclist mount can be a useful add-on. It can help you track all crucial details about your casual bike ride or severe biking workout. And all you need to have is a quality application that fit your needs.

13. Armband – another smartphone accessory for everyone who wants to exercise and stay fit, while having a smartphone by their side. For a significant part of a modern population, smartphone armband became a vital part of their gym equipment. With such an armband you can listen to your favorite music while jogging or exercising without worrying that you will drop or lose your phone.

14. Car Mount – the answer to a question of “what to do with your smartphone while driving?” Car mount proved to be quite a practical accessory, especially when you wish to use your smartphone as car navigation or travel computer.

15. Tripod – another useful accessory for all smartphone photography enthusiasts, or the ones who want to make some quality video material.

16. Gaming controllers – finally something that will enable you to have some fun. Smartphone gaming controllers are not so practical as they might seem, but they are an entertaining gadget that many gamers love.

17. VR headset – and in the end, their majesty VR headset. The ultimate smartphone accessory that will enable you to experience completely another realm. You can use it for fun and games, and for some more pressing tasks, such as virtual tours in galleries and museums, or participation in complicated surgeries and procedures.

We hope you liked our suggestions for the ultimate smartphone accessories for the summer of 2018. In case we missed to mention your favorite thing, please let us know, and we will gladly add it to our list.



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