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What is happening with BlackBerry?

You might have noticed that there are no BlackBerry phones in the market anymore. And they used to be such excellent devices. In case you wonder what is happening with BlackBerry, we have prepared an article where we tried to explain what is going on and what is BlackBerry doing now.


BlackBerry sold to Fairfax

It seems that BlackBerry is cursed! This company is trying over and over again to get back on track of success, but  problems still arise. After years of stagnation, RIM has unveiled a new leading phone – BlackBerry Z10. It seemed that the full touch screen style with the new BB 10 operating system will be able to change things. BlackBerry wanted to do more so a few days ago suddenly unveiled a completely new leading smartphone – Z30. However, things started to go to another direction. Following the announcement of the financial report, which indicated that the BlackBerry has a billion dollars minus, it was clear that the end is very close. (more…)

BlackBerry is for Sale!?

BlackBerry is for Sale BlackBerry is struggling to hold its position. This mobile brand halted trading in shares several days ago. The reason for that is announcing that the company had formed a special committee with assignment to explore various options for the company’s future, including joint venture or even selling. In a statement BlackBerry expressed caution because “there can be no assurance that this process will result in any transaction.” This news came just a few days after Prem Watsa, chairman and CEO of Fairfax Financial, said he will resign because of potential conflicts during the process. Just for the record, Fairfax Financial is the largest BlackBerry shareholder. This means that BlackBerry will have a turbulent future. RIM is already for a long time in trouble, but it seems that this time the situation is really serious. (more…)

BlackBerry A10 specs

BlackBerry A10

Over a month ago we reported about BlackBerry A10 as a new company’s flagship smartphone. Since BlackBerry doesn’t want to talk about it a lot, it is quite a mystery what can we expect from new BlackBerry A10. We can say it is company’s attempt to create phablet-like device in their own style. Since we’re living in the era of internet, there is no way that any kind of secret about smartphone concepts is hidden,  the same thing is with BlackBerry A10. Guys from managed to get one in their hands and to make some sort of hands-on review. We are not convinced that the majority of population on planet will understand what the reviewer is actually saying about the BlackBerry A10, but at least we can see BlackBerry A10 in its full attitude. (more…)

BlackBerry A10 is BlackBerry Z10 successor

BlackBerry a10

BlackBerry a10You are a fan of BlackBerry? You just love BlackBerry Z10? Then it’s all about the love to this really unique manufacturer of smartphones. BlackBerry has a tradition and it has a ground of creation of classy and business smartphones that actually changes the view of future phones in the eyes of consumers, but also in the eyes of manufactures. We all know really good QWERTY side of story, and many of us, even nowadays, can’t just separate from this easy-typing system. But, since time is passing by us very fast, BlackBerry had to do something with itself. The time was ruthless to this Canadian company, so they had to leave the tradition by the side and to catch the last train to survive. (more…)

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