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Ubuntu Touch OS

Ubuntu Touch OS

Ubuntu Touch OS

If you have ever wondered when the new star in the empire of mobile platforms will come, you could be surprised to heard that time is maybe a real. For a long time it isn’t such a great news to hear that Android and iOS rock the world in addition of a new player named Windows Phone 8. But for a number of mobile phones,or it’s better to say smartphone users, the choice of three OS just is not enough  Some people want more. And we support them in their claims. The salvation is perhaps here. Today, we are thinking of Ubuntu Touch OS.



Windows Phone 8 – Apollo is launched!

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 platform is presented by Microsoft two days ago (20th of June), which will bring more flexibility to this mobile platform. Is it good? Well, as we know Nokia, HTC and Samsung announced new models on this platform – it should be good sign. (more…)

Google + Motorola is coming

Actually, it’s already in USA. Government of USA approved the purchase of Motorola by Google, so US market is ready. Next in the line is Europe, and now everybody are waiting for commission of European Union. (more…)

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