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20 Ways to Extend Battery Life on your Smartphone

Have you ever been in a situation that you need your smartphone to make a call or to take a cool picture, but you couldn’t do it because your battery is too weak? Or even worse – dead. Such a thing can happen to all of us, so we must learn how to prevent it and how to extend battery life on our smartphones. At least until smartphone manufacturers finally manage to create a battery that will least an entire day.


Everyone who is using an Android smartphone or a phablet has one thing in common, a battery that dies very fast. Usually the battery of smartphones last barely a day, but we have a few examples where the battery runs more than one working day: Huawei Ascend Mate 7 (4100 mAh), Alcatel Hero (3400 mAh), Sony Xperia Z3 (3100 mAh), Xiaomi MI 4 and MI 3 (3080 mAh), LG G3 (3000 mAh), etc. The splendid news is that there are 5 key methods to keep your phone’s battery going on and on. It will take you just a few steps to have a strong Android device again.


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How to: Protect your smartphone privacy

Smartphones are ideal for spying and stealing of personal data, and this is not something new. Many people already know about this, and the latest scandal over spying conducted by the U.S. Secret Service NSA opened this question again. The aims of spies were many world leading politicians, which was the signal for alarm. And what about regular persons and users? Is there a way we can protect our smartphone privacy from unauthorized access to our data? In the following paragraphs we will try to give you some useful tips. (more…)

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