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Everyone who is using an Android smartphone or a phablet has one thing in common, a battery that dies very fast. Usually the battery of smartphones last barely a day, but we have a few examples where the battery runs more than one working day: Huawei Ascend Mate 7 (4100 mAh), Alcatel Hero (3400 mAh), Sony Xperia Z3 (3100 mAh), Xiaomi MI 4 and MI 3 (3080 mAh), LG G3 (3000 mAh), etc. The splendid news is that there are 5 key methods to keep your phone’s battery going on and on. It will take you just a few steps to have a strong Android device again.


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LG will bring a new member into the game, the LG G4 that it is rumoured to be announced in the first quarter of 2015, on 28th of April. Everybody shared their thoughts that this smartphone will be at the same level as the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge which were released earlier this year. LG G4 will not only be the best smartphone, but will also be the best Android phone made, along with Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge which are already the best Android smartphones.


lg g4 profile.png


To have this flagship, some say that LG G4 needs to work on its design, maybe change the material of which most of LG devices are made. Although it already has a good camera, LG can boost its camera too, and last but not least, LG might have to bring innovations when user interface it is concerned. We have no doubts that LG will succeed to put all these pieces together.


LG G3 Stylus is coming next month

The LG G3 family is growing up very fast. After G3 Beat, the LG G3 Stylus became a member of this elite club. There were some words about Stylus even before, when LG was preparing G3 Beat, but now the device is official. The new LG G3 Stylus is expected to be a mid-range device and its official release is scheduled for the IFA 2014 next month.


LG G3 Boost LG’s Sales

LG G3 is a phone everybody is talking about. This desirable device is a truly commercial and brand success for LG. LG had several attempts to make a great smartphone in the past, but with no results. The things start changing with the lat ear’s LG G2. Nowadays LG has a big success in an Android category. The LG G3’s market breakthrough is more that obvious, because the latest news is pointing out G3’s selling is going very well. (more…)

LG G3 Beat – for those who can’t afford LG G3

  • Posted on 27/07/2014
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If the LG G3 is still out of your reach, the South Korean manufacturer has a right thing for you. With a current price of over 500 euros, the LG’s flagship looks like an exclusive good for many of those who want to have such a brilliant phone. The mini version is still in the aspect of rumors, so the LG G3 Beat could be something to cheer you up. You will find somewhere name LG G3 s, but that’s the same device. So, the LG 3 Beat is a perfect balance of design, features, performances and price. (more…)

LG G3 Waterproof Test (video)

LG G3 is a phone that everybody is talking about. Rare individuals who had a chance to test it are real lucky human beings. First impressions are very positive, and we can’t wait to give our review on the latest LG’s flagship. LG G3 is available in our offer, and soon you can expect a full view on our blog. And while we are waiting to give a final verdict about this phone, which at this point has probably shown the most of all smartphones, on the internet appeared video with an unusual test in which the main role was given to the G3. LG G3 Waterproof test for a real!  (more…)

LG G3 16GB priced at $735 in Hong Kong

  • Posted on 18/06/2014
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It’s almost a month since LG released its new flagship. The LG G3 is probably the most powered smartphone on the planet Earth. This is definitely company’s first device that can compete and win over Samsung’s and HTC’s flagships. It’s not an easy job. That’s why LG G3 is expecting so much. The G3 has astonishing Quad HD 5.5 inch display and incredible performances, thanks to quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5 GHz. Also, this is a phone that introduces laser autofocus technology for quick and reliable photo shooting with far better results that standard optical autofocus. (more…)

LG G3 is a new overpowered phone

LG got artillery. With its new big gun LG will never be the same again. In a good way, of course. The LG G3 is new flagship and perhaps the best smartphone you can get in this moment. LG finally made that big step that was missing all these years. All started with LG G2, but the new G generation is something everybody wanted to see. Simply great 5.5-inch Quad HD screen with astonishing 2560×1440 pixel is something your eyes wanted for a while. With fantastic 538ppi LG G3 over shaded even the great Galaxy S5. So, if things are like that, can we say LG G3 is the best smartphone? Maybe, but let’s wait some time to test it and give a final verdict. (more…)

LG G3 comes with laser autofocus

  • Posted on 26/05/2014
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The new LG G3 is almost naked. There’s nothing more we can hear that hasn’t already leaked. But, one of the last mystic places on the new LG’s flagship is camera. We were writing about the LG G3 specs, but in the meantime things have changed. The camera will not be at 16MP, as we expected. Instead, the new G3 will have 13MP camera. But, more important is the new focus technology LG G3 will come with. Its camera will feature a laser auto focus. Wow! Is that a laser we were dreaming about when we were kids? Something from Star Wars? (more…)

LG G3 photo leaked

  • Posted on 06/05/2014
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LG has already sent invitations for a 27 May event. It’s assumed that the South Korean manufacturer will use this occasion to official show its new flagship. From some rumors before we know it’s LG G3. With rumors the fresh leak photos had came, so before the official event we can seen the new flagship design. (more…)

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