Android applications Vs. iOS applications

In so many texts we compared Android against iOS, and it was always tight results. This time we compared the stability of their applications. Research was taken by Crittercism company, and by their results it looks like Android has a little advantage.


Android OS is more stable and reliable than iOS, but it’s interesting that in research was involved over 23 versions of iOS and over 33 versions a

of Android operative systems. You really start to wonder how many versions are there…

Android OS Vs. iOS

You can see on the graphic above that for every update of OS, you have better chance to crash your system. But, in last couple of months, people are updating their systems much more, and with that you will have more crashes, which will change the statistic again.


What is important to point out is fact that possibility that your system will crash is less than 1%. That is something that is important, and very acceptable.


What is your decision? Do you believe the numbers or you more prefer brand quality? Tell us what do you think.



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