New Android P Brings “Digital Wellbeing” Initiative to your Smartphone

A couple of weeks ago we had a chance to welcome new Android releaseAndroid P. Even if it’s a Beta release we can see some of most of the essential features and updates of the new operating system. Since you probably already know all about major Android P news, we will not bother you with the feature descriptions or reviews. Instead, we will talk about “Digital Wellbeing” initiative and how Android P address it.

What is “Digital Wellbeing” initiative?

“Digital Wellbeing” initiative is quite a hot topic in Silicon Valley. Four the last few months most of the big companies are considering some kind of user protection against ourselves. Since “technology addiction” is becoming quite a big problem giants of our age (such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and others) have decided to help us get our lives back.

Now, a lot of people are questioning their true intentions, but we will leave this issues behind. We will focus on positive traits of “Digital Wellbeing” and try to use the most of them to make our lives more comfortable.

What features of Android P will help us take better care of ourselves?

It is quite impressive that “Digital Wellbeing” initiative is not presented with a single feature or set of options under one mode. It is built in the operating system on a much deeper level. Thanks to this type of implementation, we now have different options that will help us learn how to use our phones more smartly.

1. Android Dashboard

One of the significant improvements that you will find in Android P is Android Dashboard. By opening this app, you will be able to see exactly how you use your phone. All the relevant information will be placed here.

Information such as the number of times you turned on your phone, time you spend using it, the time you have spend in a particular app. On top of simple monitoring, you will also be able to make a step further and provide limitations for your app usage.

We can already see such an example in the latest release of YouTube app. The option “Remind me to take a break” will turn the app for you after 15, or 30 minutes, depending on your setup. It is an excellent way to prevent yourself from procrastinating by watching endless cat-related videos while you should have been something else.

Following YouTube example, you will now be able to do the same with most of the other apps. Google apps will be supported out of the box, and other developers will be able to add their apps when they are ready. Just imagine how great it can be to allow yourself only 15 minutes of Facebook or Instagram a day. Just imagine how much time can you spare.

2. Do Not Disturb Mode

“Do not Disturb” mode is not a new thing, but the way it works now is. When you decide to be off-grid your phone will help you disappear completely. You will be out of the reach, except for starred contacts who are trying to call you.

“Do not Disturb” mode will make all notifications go away. They will not appear on display, always on screen, and not even in the app drawer. Notification will appear later when you’re out of the DND mode.

Of course, if someone needs to reach you, you will receive a call, but only from your favorite contacts. This setup may be changed in later releases.

3. Wind Down feature

Another handy thing that will help you get some rest is “Wind Down” feature. It is similar to Apple’s “Bedtime” option, but instead of just changing the amount of light on your display and stopping notifications on lock screen, “Wind Down” takes all the colors away and starts “Do not Disturb” mode.

When you start “Wind Down” the display of your phone will go grayscale, and you will be out of reach thanks to DND mode. This feature can come in handy when you try to get some good night sleep or when you want to focus on some productive tasks.

What’s next?

Few features that we described are just a start for Android P. We expect to see more similar options in future and in some other releases of Android. We definitely like the direction that Google is taking.

Since “Digital Wellbeing” trend is quite a hot thing at the moment we also expect to see similar features in upcoming iOS release. Maybe Apple will go a step further and surprise us with some additional options. Anyway, we’re looking forward to seeing it!


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    • Jonathan
    • 08/07/2018

    This looks interesting, especially the wind down mode. Experts have been suggesting that the blue light from Android phones are distracting us, so this will be a breakthrough. I am also interested in new apps that Android P might bring to the fore and if it will make certain apps incompatible… And I will still have to depend on sites like for downloads.

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