iPhone celebrates sixth birthday

iphoneSix years has past from the night when first iPhone was announced. It was 2007 and the expectations of media was astonishing. The new kind of phone from Apple was in the air and everybody wanted to see that device. That was a time when this glamorous phone was a real novitiate. The specs that original iPhone packed is, let’s be honest, funny comparing to specs that new line smartphones have today. Ok, that was seven years ago, and that’s just why is so interesting to compare that time iPhone with the latest smartphones and why not with the latest model from the collection – iPhone 5.



First iPhone specs



Steve Jobs holds up an Apple iPhone at the MacWorld Conference in San Francisco, Jan. 9, 2007

Steve Jobs with first iPhone

Speaking about specs, in order to have a bright view what was like original Apple’s phone, it would be the best to illustrate it with the screen resolution of 320×480 pixels with pixel density of 165 pixels per inch. Beside that first genration possessed single core processor of 412 MHz, followed by128 MB of RAM and 2MP camera.


First iPhone didn’t have 3G connectivity. Even camera was without auto focus. But, all of this is just an evidence of how technology rapidly is making progress. It’s enough just to put one next to each other first and the last generation of iPhone  and everything is becoming clear very soon.


 iPhone then and now



iPhone from 2007 had 4GB of memory and its price was about 499 dollars. Today, iPhone 5 has much bigger screen, but we must put one remark here. In 2013 isn’t close at all so interesting to wait for some new smart phone like it was in 2007. Why? Because at that time it was revolution, and now it’s just another “new” model in the mobile atmosphere. In these days even the cheapest Android and Windows Phone devices have so much features that some phone, if they want to be noticed, has to push itself up to the limit, because competition and mass production are here…


Sentimental about first iPhone? Happy B-day old man…


Source: apple.com



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