HTC One M8 release

If you ask people from HTC what phone they really like, the answer would certainly be HTC One, again! The reason for this is that the new HTC One M8 is very similar to its predecessor. Yup, even the name is not changed, so it’s hard to expect some tectonic changes to have happened there. New HTC One M8 is heavily reliant on the original model, but it brings some improvements, with no intention to interfere in the heart of the matter. One is One, right?

HTC One M8 specs, display and performance

HTC One (M8) 1

HTC One M8 is an upgraded version of its predecessor. There is no question about it. The new model has better specs, larger screen and a stunning camera. Of course, there is also a refreshment with the new 4.4 KitKat Android. Driving force is the Snapdragon 801 (quad-core at 2.3 GHz) combined with 2GB of RAM. The choice of memory is between 16 and 32GB. HTC One M8 resembles the HTC One Max because it has a microSD slot. Unlike the larger cousins, this phone doesn’t have the fingerprints sensor but I think it’s not such a big drawback.

HTC One (M8) 2

When the screen is concerned, HTC has decided to follow the trend of increasing the sizes, so the new flagship got 5-inch Super LCD3 screen with 1080×1920 pixels. Besides the excellent resolution and 441 pixel per inch, this full HD is nothing new because the previous model had the same display (only with 4.7 inch). That’s the reason why the phone will probably be more difficult to hold, and the fingers will have to stretch additionally. In this way, the phone has gained some weight and now has 160 grams instead of 143, like the model before.

Initial information indicates that the phone using the latest processor is running fast and smoothly. First tests showed that the phone is powerful, but not as the Galaxy Note 3 or Xperia Z Ultra. The 2.600mAh battery is enough for a day of normal use. When the battery is low, the phone automatically activates the low-power mode so it stops all network access except those for calls and SMS and e-mail messages.

HTC One M8 design

HTC One (M8) 4

In visual terms, it fits the predecessor. New HTC One continues the philosophy of rounded metal edges and at first glance looks really adorable. This time, the edges are a bit smoother, and the phone should be more easy to hold. At the front, above and below the screen, are BoomSound stereo speakers, which are still the best among smartphones. There are a few changes concerning the external buttons, but nothing that would significantly change the outlook.

HTC One (M8) 3

HTC One M8 will be produced in three colors : metallic, silver and gold.

HTC One M8 and the new HTC Sense 6.0

The new HTC One comes with the new HTC Sense 6.0 interface, which offers more shortcuts which lead to the most used options. There is of course BlinkFeed as a trademark of HTC phones. There’s a lot of individual freedom here, so you can adjust this feature the way you want. The difference is in the color scheme too, so now BlinkFeed is dominated by green. HTC has refreshed the look of some pre-installed apps and at first glance it looks nice.

HTC One M8 camera

The camera is probably the biggest change. In fact, HTC One M8 has two cameras. The two of them are named Duo camera, and the main result of their joint work are some pretty good photos with dramatic effects, which give a fairly artistic results. At the same time, these cameras provide a fantastic focus on the object that you want, so you will no longer have a problem taking pictures of several objects at he the same time. The camera allows applying the 3D effect.

HTC One (M8) 5

The camera is deprived of a large number of pixels, but HTC decided to keep UltraPixel technology. Pixels on this camera are still significantly larger than that of its competitors. Therefore, the photos look great even without ultra high resolution. No matter sensors have only 4MP, photos have a great level of details, with good colors, and excellent performance in low light conditions. In addition to the two rear cameras, HTC One M8 has two LED flashes and they are doing an excellent job. There is also a front camera that even has a 5MP. The interface has been redesigned slightly. There is a square box in which there are all options. Just click on it and choose between classic and video mode or choose which effect to apply to the image.

HTC One M8 sale and price

HTC One (M8) 6

HTC has prepared a special accessories with its new flagship, which are quite cool. Dot View has a special surface that recognizes the phone even when the phone is sleeping and you can still see the basic notifications through it.

There are indications that HTC One M8 is coming to the U.S. at a price of $ 649, while the info on prices in Europe have to wait a little. With the new One, HTC continues its success story which began with the last year’s model. HTC has brought some good ideas and improvements, but kept what was good. This manufacturer hasn’t looked for experiments such as fingerprint sensor or heart rate monitor. On the contrary, it retained dose of moderation and simplicity. Compared to last year’s model, the new HTC One is larger and has improved and quite unusual camera.




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