Are Google Maps useful on your smartphone?

In the era of new technologies, many meaningful and worthy innovations are arising; the story is the same with Google Maps App for your smartphone, phablet or tablet.

Google Maps on smartphones


Of course we all remember a time when there were no Google Maps service app, neither for desktops, nor for mobile phones.

Whenever we would visit some foreign country or residence we would have a big paper map with us. And yes, it was sometimes difficult to drive and in the same time to hold a map in our hands, but as time changes and people are living fast, so did change the ways of searching for that particular place.

Paper maps



Google Maps and their new features

With the new designed Google Maps for Android tablets, iPads and iPhones you can hold the entire world in your hands. Although it is very simple to use, it offers many features that will ease everyone’s trip no matter how far are they willing to go.

Just imagine being for the first time in Paris and you want to take a tour of the city; Google Maps will provide you with fantastic features like Eat, Drink, Shop, Play, Sleep.

The “Eat” and the “Drink” features will show you the most popular restaurants and the nearest Bars, Cafes and Bakeries.

With “Play” and “Shop” you will be able to see where is the nearest Mall or Park, and other cultural attractions like Art Galleries, Museums.

You can explore the city, go through its reviews and ratings, and research what the city has to offer.


Google maps on Smartphones and Tablets

 Google Maps and ways to get to a special place

If you have doubts how to get to one special place, you can enter the name of the place, and Google Maps will provide you with information such as, how to get to that particular place. If there are any photos or reviews of the precise place, Google Maps will enable you to scroll through them.

Furthermore Google provides you with different ways to get to that special place, meaning it is equipped with information on how to get there on foot, bicycle, car, bus, or even an airplane.


Google Maps, example by foot


What we liked about Google Maps is that you get to create a map yourself, in other words, you get to customize the maps by presenting some small town that was not marked on the map and by adding sights and interesting facts about that town.


Where to find and install Google Maps

The application for Google Maps is free and it can be found and installed on App Store or on Google Play. The current version was last updated in November 19, 2014.

Google Maps can be used on an Android smartphone, or on an iPad or iPhone.


Google Maps on Smartphone, Phablet or Tablet


Ever since Google first introduced this remarkable service application to us, Google Maps have been a part of our everyday life. Furthermore there is not a better way to get the exact information about your location, than on your iOS iPad or Android smartphone using Google Maps.







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    • Xaviar
    • 26/11/2014

    I never intended to use Google Maps, but my girlfriend wanted us to visit a good spicy restaurant in Virginia, and I did not have a clue where to find one! So I activated my Google Maps App, and in a blink of an eye a had at least 10 restaurants in the area…That surely made her happier 🙂 I am using it ever since…even added my own reviews 🙂

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