Most lies go over SMS

When someone is lying, you can see that in his eyes – that’s how people usually say. But what about today, when with modern technology you don’t have to look into person and – lie. Today we use mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc to communicate with our partners, but excluded “live” communication, where you don’t have to see physically your partner. In theory, it should be easier to lie, because you don’t have to look and say it in the face. 🙂

Many SMS are used for lying

There is true story behind this idea. After one research on students from British Columbia University, results confirmed our “theory”. Students had four techniques of communications: face to face, SMS, Video communication and classical phone call. The research included the game of brokers and clients. Lets say that the clients who used SMS as a way of communication, didn’t celebrate in the end.

The coordinator of this project professor Ronald Cenfetelli said that with new technology our communication is slightly twisted. Also, with lack of direct contact there more chance for people to be moral “flexible”. It’s interesting that text messages (SMS), which are first replacement of phone calls, took the first place when you need to “change” the truth. That means, if you want to find out the truth, try to avoid communication with text messages. Second problem is that text messages leaves the text behind, so you can’t say something opposite that is written in the message.

What is the true story behind the text message?

In any case, it’s better not to lie, so all this advices will not be necessary for you. But if you are suspicious, you can always call the person and check!

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