New record from Samsung

Everything looks perfect in the company Samsung. They can open champagne before official end of the year and start planing their Christmas presents, and lots of presents. Samsung announced astonishing results for this year, selling over 300 millions of unites, until December.

Great year for Samsung

If we know that this record is better for 20 millions units than last year sale, and in 2010. was sold about 280 millions what was record comparing to 2009. year, you can easily conclude that Samsung is on good way of progress, and that puts him on the second place, right behind the Nokia.

Samsung Galaxy SII


The key element of such a successful sale is very popular Galaxy SII. This model was presented “just”in April, but it’s sold over 10 millions units until September. Samsung president for mobile communications JK Shin made even braver comment on this record, saying that they can’t wait to brake this record next year.


With all this info, we can say that Samsung find the formula for good sale and success. For all fans of Samsung technology, which is becoming more and more larger, next year will be one more success. We hope so…

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