It’s not so often that you can talk about new sort of phobia, and to feel absolutely normal. Ok, in this case, this phobia (Nomophobia)will not make big problems: in worst case it will cause panic of couple of minutes.


NoMob-phobia, or in other words – fear of being out of mobile phone. Nomophobia is new trend, but it’s not something that you will talk about it. How many times you forgot the car keys, or lighter, or mobile phone?

Mobile phones are today more than just a phone, with all contacts, phone numbers and mail addresses, calendar, web access, high quality camera, notes, social networks, GPS navigation, etc. It’s more than just phone calls, it’s possibility to have very quick access to many information, over voice, text messages, mails, blogs, forums, etc. And possibility for other people to reach you, of course.


Nomophobia – fear of losing a phone


Some researches show that young girls 18 to 24 years old, have this Nomophobia . Exact number is 77% of young girls have fear of losing a phone. The fact is it’s not problem losing this small device, but feeling that you are out of reach of your friends.  No one likes that feeling, especially with today’s hi tech devices, quick access to internet – where is real “addiction”. Some experts say that social networks are compared tobacco and  alcohol addiction, but we wouldn’t go so far.


Research shows that 66% of people have fear that will lose their phone, what 15% more than five years ago when it was a little bit over 50%.


But, for every hi tech disease there hi tech cure. Many today’s phone have option to locate the phone, where you or your phone are. Also, there is option of use support data base, where you can store all your contact details, so there is no worries that you will lose important phone numbers.



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