Dual SIM Card Phones definition

How to combine personal and business life, phone numbers, tasks? How to make significant savings on your mobile phone’s bill? The right answer is – Dual SIM card phones.

Dual SIM phones were once consider as cheep devices intended only for those who really don’t have the possibility to carry two phones.

Time has passed and these phones made its progress. Some of now-days Dual SIM devices even works on Android platform.

Adroid Platform Dual SIM

Adroid Platform Dual SIM


The Beginnings


First there were Dual SIM holders.  This solution allows only one SIM at a time to be active, while using other requests from user to turn the device off and on. Beside this, the main flaw is that it doesn’t fit in all devices.


As next solution shows up Dual SIM adapter. It fits in all devices but it has other flaws. Use of this device requires extracting original SIM chip and cutting SIM cards which always comes with a risk of damaging some of the components.


Finaly, Dual SIM Card Phone came up.


First of these phones made it possible to put two original-size-cards in handset and change them while the phone is still turned on.


After a while shows up a cellphone that can work with two cards simultaneously. In the begging they looked really odd, since those were phones with two displays and two keyboards that shared one battery. Latter came what we today consider as Dual SIM Card Phones.



Dual SIM Card Phone


Today’s dual SIM devices have slots for two cards and once you put them in it’s a done deal. Both cards are working separately and they can be connected to different networks simultaneously. That is really the whole point of it – using the best of each network.


When it comes to Internet situation is slightly different. Since it regards one device, one card can work on 3G Network while other can use only 2G. With Android dual SIM phones one can easily define in phone settings which SIM card should use which technology (2G or 3G).  There isn’t an option to choose that both card use 2G technology, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use 2G on both cards (for instance if Network Operator does not support 3G technology).


Both cards have it’s own indicator of signal strength.


When making calls or sending SMS user can choose between SIM 1 and SIM 2.


Dual SIM Phone

Dual SIM Phone


Dual SIM standby


With Dual SIM standby phones, cards in it are on standby mode each waiting for calls. When you get call on one of two cards, the other one automatically becomes unusable.  Inconvenient here is that both phones can’t work  in the same time. If you talk on one card and get call on other, the second call will be redirected on voice mail or you will be unavailable. If you while talking, get SMS on other card, it will be saved in SMS service center and after short period it will be delivered to you.


There are Dual SIM models that have main card slot inside, mainly under the battery, while other one is inserted from outside just like memory cards.



Dual SIM active


These phones are capable of using both numbers at any time. Therefor they are better and more expansive then Dual SIM standby phones. Only understandable disadvantage is that two active networks drain the battery.



Advanced Search

Advanced Search

You can use our Advanced Search to find the right phone for you with strictly defined characteristics (e.g. dual SIM).


Do you have need for two SIM cards?



    • Joel Simon
    • 25/08/2012

    Is there not a software / dual sim holder that will allow you to answer both lines , with out buying a dual sim phone.
    Joel Simon

      • Administrator
      • 27/08/2012

      Yes there is Joel, but its a operator service, and does not solve the problem of using two different numbers at the same time. It’s just a call on hold option. Bye

      • Administrator
      • 27/08/2012

      You can find all the prices on our web page http://www.mobileshop.eu

    • 30/08/2012

    in a dual sim phone while using internet on sim 1, can i receive or make call from sim 2 ?

      • Administrator
      • 30/08/2012

      Yes you can.. bye

    • mary
    • 18/12/2012

    is it possible to have a dual sim phone that can have both sims available simtanoulsy at times and you can turn one off when you want without removing the sim, e.g a work and private number and turning off work sim when not at work?

      • 19/12/2012

      such phone does not exist yet, at least not that i know of. The only solution is to physically remove the SIM card that you do not want to use…

    • Elavarasan
    • 26/12/2012

    I am using samsung s duos mobile phone .. My internet is very slow.. Sim 2 for internet & another sim 1 for normal calls .. Kindly suggest me whether the internet is slow because of using sim 2 .. i aware airtel is giving best internet speed in india

      • 26/12/2012

      On this phone, both sim slots have 3G support, so that is not the problem. We did not have any complaints about the speed of internet on this phone , so i guess that the problem is in your operator (their data flow speed)

    • Santosh.M.Kadam
    • 05/09/2013

    I am using samsung grand duos, I am using vodafone number, I want to know whether it is possible, one of my sim1use 2g network and other sim 2 use 3g network.If yes, then how to do it.

    • ann
    • 19/11/2013

    can you use any sim card in the phone because i have a t mobile sim card thats already activated? Can you use just one slot? does the phone work well?…..sorry im a first time user

      • 20/11/2013

      the phones from our offer are sim free, and bought on open market which means that you can use them with any sim card (regardless of the carrier)! Yes, dual sim phones can be used with only one sim card/slot. NP

    • Lawrence
    • 07/05/2014

    I want to know how to repair duel sim phones

    • andrew
    • 15/05/2014

    is there currently a dual sim phone that can use both 3g and 4g lte?

    • Alicezopo
    • 05/06/2014

    thanks for giving this new scoop info so its grateful to read

    • Denise
    • 01/09/2015

    Did you just create your new Facebook page? Or maybe it was Twitter or Instagram or Youtube?

      • Administrator
      • 07/09/2015

      Hello, yes we do have Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, you can follow us there and you will be informed about discount, new release of the phones and get to learn interesting facts about your phone. Best regards, Mobileshop.eu

    • phanuel ommia
    • 30/05/2016

    Hi I’m interested in one of these phones. Please inform me on how I can purchase it.

      • Administrator
      • 17/06/2016

      Hello, thank you for contacting us. Please see the offers here: https://www.mobileshop.eu/ Best regards, Mobileshop.eu

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