Apple vs Samsung trial costs

You think you don’t do so much interesting stuff at work and you’re underpaid? Well you’re not alone. We all know that managers in big companies have a big, big paycheck, which we can only dream about, but what about the lawyers representing the companies? Yes, they have very expensive fees too. One of the biggest trials in the history of mobile phone manufacturers took place in Apple vs Samsung clash. The manufacturer from Cupertino sued the Koreans on several grounds. The judgment was passed and slowly the surface is filling with details of this historic process. You must be wondering how much Apple paid to get the case on court. We were curious too and here is the answer. Jobs’ company spent a whopping $ 60 million in an attempt to stop the main competitor to serve its patents and thereby deprive them of significant financial income.

 Two lawyer firms for Apple vs Samsung trial

Money has value even in the rich man’s world and that’s why Apple requested reimbursement from Samsung. Precisely, Apple asked Samsung to cover a third of the court costs, or 15.7 million. In addition, court decision obliged Samsung to pay 6.2 million to Apple.

Apple vs Samsung trial costs 2

Apple in its legal team had two law firms. One worked on defensive tactics in an attempt to challenge the assertion that Apple unauthorized use Samsung’s patents, while another group of lawyers performed more aggressively. Those who defended the company from Koreans were paid $ 2 million, while another law firm provided a fee of $ 60 million. If you think the price is too high, you should know that it is discounted price, as for these super expensive lawyers Apple is an old customer.

Apple offered to public an insight on what has been spent $ 6.2 million, which the court ordered Samsung to pay. This money has been spent on the process, including translation, discovery expense and translators. Particularly interesting items such as a „secure room“, where Samsung experts could examine unpublished Apple’s patents, cost about $ 100,000. No less bizarre is $ 1.5 million that was spent on photocopying documents.

Apple vs Samsung trial costs 3

The judges have to respond to Apple’s request for reimbursement of attorney fees, but considering that the judgment states that “Samsung is deliberately violated Apple’s patents,” the odds of that are not great. It looks like Samsung will have to pay “only” $ 900 million as judgment says.


Change in your pocket, right?



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