iPhone 5 is the best selling smartphone

best selling smartphoneMan doesn’t need to be Einstein to know what are the best smartphones of this moment. Usually it’s enough to look some best paid ads on TV or internet to realize that. Or, on the other hand, you may ask what are the most expensive smartphones on the market and according to that to give the answer to this question. And what about the best selling smartphones? Is it the same case? Partially. Why? Because two devices has been seeting at the top of selling list for a while. One of the best selling smartphones is Samsung Galaxy S4 and the counterpart from the other side of Pacific is iPhone 5, of course.



The best selling smartphone race


best selling smartphone

During last year Samsung Galaxy S3 was device with hitting market character. After some time Apple launched iPhone 5 and became the best smartphone on the market. Samsung didn’t wait too long, and in Q1 2013 launched Galaxy S4. But, was that enough for the first place of selling list? According to Canaccord Genuity report – no! This investment bank announced that iPhone 5 is best selling smartphone on the world. But, the things are not so bright for Apple. In the same report it is marked that since Galaxy S4 became the real, Apple is loosing its global market share. At this point we don’t have any data on how much Galaxy S4 is behind the iPhone 5, but we are sure it’s just a matter of time when they will be equal.


The best selling smartphones vs older models


best selling smartphone

Interestingly, the data indicate that the growing demand for older models of both companies show that in the past few months, significantly had increased the interest for the iPhone 4, which was introduced a few years ago. It seems that users are tired of constantly waiting to see which smartphone is the best in the world and they now rely on proven models that have no intention to compete in this category.


The best selling smartphones and you


best selling smartphone

I have to admit I’ve had enough of everyday stories about how every day comes a new smartphone and it will have such and such options and features. Perhaps this information is a kind of warning to large manufacturers to slow down and the course of the race. Is not it?


Source: canaccordgenuity.com



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