Lumia 1520 mini

If you are wondering who on earth can use a 6-inch phone, the right, and probably the only possible answer is the one who really loves or who really “needs“ a thing like that. I’m sure you already have realized we are talking about Nokia Lumia 1520, a phablet which got very good marks in the market.

Thanks to its full HD 6 inches screen and a very strong performances, Lumia 1520 has become a solution for all those who don’t mind bulky dimensions, because they want in the hands a very powerful device on the Windows Phone platform. Therefore, the Finnish manufacturer has decided to go a step further and offer the Lumia 1520 mini. Let’s get straight. Many manufacturers have already offered their “minis”, but this one could be a different mini, concerning its original model. The reason is very simple. If you downsize the 6 inches to some less large dimension, it would be the same as some regular smartphone, but in this case it’s mini version.

Lumia 1520 mini 4.3-inch screen

Lumia 1520 mini 1

Lumia 1520 mini was first spotted in China, where this photo is coming from. It shows the relationship between the original model and Lumia 1520 mini. According to initial information, the Lumia 1520 mini has much smaller display of 4.3 inches. This is compared to 6 inches noticeably less, but also quite practical. Here is an AMOLED screen in full HD resolution, which means very good machine with the lower price (let’s suppose it would be like that).

Lumia 1520 mini 2


Lumia 1520 mini specs and release date

Lumia 1520 mini will likely be named Lumia 1520V and will have 2GB of RAM and 32GB internal memory (no microSD expansion options), PureView camera of 14MP, with support for wireless charging.

Lumia 1520 mini should hit the market in April, after Microsoft presents Windows Phone 8.1 platform.

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