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There is one more story about desirable Nokia Lumia 928. Some time before we were writing about first details of this smartphone, which should be a real heal to Nokia’s wounds. It seems that Nokia putted all its best into this model. And we know why it’s so. Finish manufacturer wants to compete with tough competitors – Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5. The main reason for this kind of Nokia’s behavior is that Lumia 928 has a great camera, which is obviously from the video below. That camera should be significantly better that the ones from the mentioned competitors. Especially when it comes to low light situations.

lumia 928



Lumia 928 promo


Since this video is signed by Nokia US, we can freely say it is promo, not some teaser as it usually is in this kind of preparations for new model. Well… in this video it is very clearly showed that Lumia 928 with its 8.7 MP camera in coordination with Carl Zeiss optics and image stabilization makes pretty much hard homework to S3 and iPhone 5.


lumia 928

Lumia 928 vs iPhone 5

lumia 928

Lumia 928 vs Galaxy S3


Lumia 928 commercial


And, if we know that the photo right below this paragraph is “accidentally” sleep on the internet, it is like a blue sky clear that Nokia is ready for battle. Galaxy S3 was not so long time ago the best of Samsung and the iPhone 5 is still when it comes to Apple and their smartphones. Of course, there is no new Galaxy S4 in this whole story, but since Nokia has still difficult time in work, we can forget them that they are not ready to cross spears with this powerful smartphone.

 Lumia 928


Lumia 928 vs Lumia 920


It seems Lumia 928 will be little bit sharper on the edges comparing Lumia 920. Also it will have colored edge lines. Something like Sony Xperia Z. Concerning the specs, Lumia 928 will probably stay close to Lumia 920, with big chances LCD display be replaced with AMOLED technology.



That is something what is supposed to be about Lumia 928. And we, as fans of new smarphone toys, want low weight and nice dimensions. We don’t have large pockets and our request seems ok. Isn’t it?





    • hajeee
    • 17/05/2013

    i like lumia, i just hate that it has windows and not android

    • Filipe Carvalho
    • 19/05/2013

    Nice Phone… I love Nokia Lumia series 🙂

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