Nokia 225 price known

Nokia design and quality are well-known to all of us. Durability of this phones has been confirmed many times. It’s interesting and applaudable that the Finnish manufacturer doesn’t apply this recipe only on the higher price range devices. On the contrary, every Nokia phone is a pleasure for the user. Nokia 225 is no exception. This is the latest dual SIM model with Series 30 + operating system that is coming on the market soon.

Nokia 225 is one of the thinnest budget internet phones

Nokia 225 1

Nokia 225 is one of the thinnest models of this kind to be produced by Nokia. There are only 10.4 mm at the waist. Nokia 225 is different from similar devices because it allows access to the Internet. The 2.8-inches screen is large enough to display more than basic information. However, the phone is still practical enough to fit in any pocket. It’s interesting that the keyboard is protected from water and dust.

Nokia 225 – astonishing battery life

Nokia 225 2

Like every other Nokia, Nokia 225 also offers excellent battery. In this case, it’s able to offer 36 days of stand-by mode and 27 days for dual SIM version. The phone has a basic 2MP camera, as well as options for social networks. The phone is especially designed for multimedia experience, for the video and audio player and always good FM radio. Speaking about multimedia, just one information. Nokia 225 supports 51 hours of MP3 player work!

 Nokia 225 – a lively design


Nokia 225 is producing in five colors (red, yellow , green, black and white) and at first glance seems really tempting. It’s particularly important that it pops up from the sea of other similar phones because of its eye-catching designs and vibrant colors.

Sales in Europe starts for three months at a cost of about 40 euros.




    • Clau
    • 27/11/2014

    My relentless over-support for ainnhytg Nokia? Like this recent article in which I trash Nokia brutally . Right?LOL! I love you too, man! Thanks for chipping in

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