Nokia Lumia 720

Nokia Lumia 720Nokia wants its Windows Phone 8 family to gain more members. Even after Lumia 520 and Lumia 620, for which it can be said to belong to the middle-level, the new Nokia Lumia 720 tends to take place in a desirable middle class. Lumia 720 could be very interesting because it’s great looking phone with a specifications for higher class and medium price that it has. Remember: Lumia 720 could soon become synonym for good smartphones from Finland.


Nokia Lumia 720 design


Premium spirit of this phone is best reflected on the outside, when the design is concerned. With its plastic casing, it seems that the Lumia 720 provides exactly what people expect of modern Nokia – the convenience of 4.3-inch screen in one hand usage, which will particularly be important during the long and sometimes fatigue travel by public transport.

Nokia LUmia 720

Thanks to its slightly rounded edges, Lumia 720 reminds on HTC 8K. For some this would be copying and for the others big plus for this Nokia. Lumia 720 just has a simple design, with the main purpose to be appealing and practical at the same time. Unlike more expensive Lumia 920, this phone has a matte surface so it does not sparkle as his bigger brother.


In addition, there are three Nokia standard practical side keys: volume, power and camera.

Nokia Lumia 720 specifications


Nokia Lumia 720 has some great stuff. The first is wireless charging, which is great for mid-range phone. Less fascinating, but both useful feature is microSD expansion for the internal memory of 8GB. Lumia 720 runs on a 1GHz processor and unfortunately only 512 MB ​​of RAM, which is not enough for the new Windows Phone 8 applications and games.

 Nokia LUmia 720

Another objection could also be used because the back of the phone can not be removed, which means that the battery capacity of 2,000 mAh can not been changed. That seems to be the price to pay for wireless charging feature.

Nokia Lumia 720 camera


They are two of them. The front one has 6.7 MP and is quite good because the elements of powerful models with PureView technology. This means that the Lumia 720 can “grab” photos at a greater angle, serve an optical stabilization and very good photos in poor light conditions.

 Nokia LUmia 720

Also, this camera is capable of recording videos in 720p quality. The front 1.3 megapixels camera is expected, also with wide-angle shooting and 720p quality. In order to assist, Windows Phone 8 provided Glam ME application for taking self-portraits.

Nokia Lumia 720 screen


The screen may not be the best part of Nokia Lumia 720 smartphone, but it seems at first glance that already mentioned 4.3-inch IPS LCD screen provides surprisingly high quality and vivid colors. Resolution of 480×800 pixels and only 217 pixels per inch is not something that modern phones would be proud of, but Lumia’s 720 picture looks really good regardless.

Nokia LUmia 720

However, it is difficult to avoid the impression that Nokia could use here at least 720p display, since it has been the standard for this class for long time now.

Nokia Lumia 720 verdict


Overall, Nokia has done a pretty good job. Despite the expected shortcomings, Nokia Lumia 720 gives a really good impression. The Finnish company has now moved the ball at Microsoft, who has to further improve hardware and synchronize it with their Windows Phone 8. Also, it would not be bad for them to do something about the poor offer of applications for this operating system.





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