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Goodbye Lumia, 16 Dec 20

Many adjectives can be related to performances of Lumia brand. But, where is Lumia now? Is this colorful and cheerful phone family really gone for good?


New Technologies

What is wireless charging and how it works?, 16 Jun 30

Wireless charging is one of the biggest and most exciting themes in the world, and wećre wondering how it can help us charge our smartphones faster?



What is going on in Nokia smartphones?, 16 Mar 31

We have seen a few Nokia smartphones since Microsoft took over but they were not quite successful as we hoped. Is Nokia ready to make a comeback in 2016?


Compare models

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom vs Nokia Lumia 1020, 14 Aug 08

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom vs Nokia Lumia 1020? Which one has better camera? Read the full comparison with the photos taken by these two great devices.



Nokia XL Review , 14 Jul 01

Nokia XL is the best you can get from Nokia's X series at this moment. This low-mid range device is priced very well, so we can't complaint about it price.

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