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Smartphone Display Technology

Displays on our mobile phones have passed a long way – from one digital line where you could see only numbers to a sharp, touch-sensitive screens where you can watch videos and play graphically demanding video games. This progress is especially visible in the last five years when a lot of new sorts of displays appeared. Innovative solutions made our smartphone display bigger, brighter, more colorful, and edgier than ever before.


Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE – review

Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE

Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE – review will give you a look over the improvements made on Galaxy S II. This version of mega-popular Galaxy S2  was originally intended for Korean market but like all good things it  made its way to the rest of the world. Does increased price justify the improvements? Let’s see.


Amoled definition

Amoled definition will give you answer in couple ways:
Amoled is shorter of Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode,  technology used in mobile phone industry and televisions. Borrowed from OLED display, where pixels are self illuminated (organic elements create the electroluminescent material) and with Active-Matrix method control individual pixels (this way is reduced power consumption). If you use less power, you get longer battery life.


Displays: What's your type?

Technically speaking, the type of display in your phone is something you can’t choose – its not mask of the mobile phone. However, in this short tutorial you will learn what you have know when you choose a phone, (more…)

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