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Let’s face it ーblockchain is the technology of the future. Ever since Bitcoin appeared back in 2008, it caused a lot of attention and for the right reasons. The truth is that companies nowadays are still discovering how technology such as blockchain really works. On that journey, moguls are trying to include blockchain in security, finance, logistics and other branches. And that is how blockchain based devices were born.


New smartphones that’ll see this year

Have you planned to upgrade your smartphone this year? If you have, this is going to be a great year for you because we are going to see a lot of new smartphones in 2017. You will be able to choose from a very versatile offer, with many improved models and maybe a few major surprises.

In 2016, it seemed like everyone is warming up for a big match that is scheduled for this year. What makes 2017 so important in the smartphone world are a few facts:


HTC Desire HD review – old innovation still works

  • Posted on 14/06/2012
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HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD, with code A9191 is model presented in autumn 2010, but still it plays big role on the market. It has great functions, high quality hardware and updated version of Android v4, but still has lower price compared with its competitors. We will present you this model, and that’s why HTC Desire HD review is here for. (more…)

HTC One V – review

  • Posted on 24/04/2012
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HTC One V is great phone from HTC, from series One. Model is released  in April of 2012, joining the big family One X, S and XL. We can say that first difference is in price, where HTC V is more suitable for more people. But, don’t judge only by the price, and let’s see what HTC One V has to offer. (more…)

HTC One X review

On Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona HTC presented new model HTC One X. It’s one of four models from HTC One series which include HTC One XL, HTC One X, HTC One S, HTC One V. (more…)

HTC Endeavor review

Great news from HTC. Their new device will be called Endeavor. This phone should be leader in new generation of smartphones, so you should expect from this phone to do everything! In HTC Endeavor review find all you need to know. (more…)

3D display

Limited ability of display have been conditioned by development of high-quality 3D graphics for mobile phones but the development of technology in this field, both in quality and size of the display was finally allowed “good winds” graphic programmers. (more…)

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