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Are Google Maps useful on your smartphone?

In the era of new technologies, many meaningful and worthy innovations are arising; the story is the same with Google Maps App for your smartphone, phablet or tablet.

Google Maps on smartphones


Of course we all remember a time when there were no Google Maps service app, neither for desktops, nor for mobile phones.

Whenever we would visit some foreign country or residence we would have a big paper map with us. And yes, it was sometimes difficult to drive and in the same time to hold a map in our hands, but as time changes and people are living fast, so did change the ways of searching for that particular place.


iPad 3 is now New iPad

Apple announced that iPad 3 or “New iPad” how they call it, is ready for release. Apple decided to give very simple name – New iPad, without suffix “3” or HD. Pardon me if I make mistakes in article with this New Name of New iPad, but old name iPad 3 will help me to present this great tablet from Apple, expected on 16th of March. (more…)

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